Master your digital destiny

Seamless digital transformation
Swift, user-friendly, reliable & easy to learn

This looks familiar to you ?

Why ControlC is different

  1. Screen
    For us, digital transformation goes beyond IT.
    It is core to your business: you must be closely involved!
  2. People
    No miles-long duty books.
    We listen to you & develop by your side.
  3. Code
    We only use cutting-edge low/no code tools.
    Game changers for faster, more reliable, cost-efficient solutions.
  4. Repeat icon
    Crisp meetings punctuate the transformation process.
    You can adjust the course of action anytime.
  5. Tailored diamond
    Our development becomes your solution. You own it, in full.
  6. Increase arrow
    Later, you can push it further by yourself... If you want to!
Want something more concrete ?

Low/No Code tools advantages

Anyone can devleop

Anyone can learn

  1. Only a few technical skills required
  2. Anyone can start creating
Great UI/UX

Great built-in UI/UX

  1. Intuitive & ease of use
  2. Short training period
  3. Increased user adoption
Cost effective

Better value for money

  1. 6 to 10x faster than traditional dev
  2. Low total cost of ownership
  3. Flexible plans over time
Modern architecture

Modern Architecture

  1. Integrated with your existing systems
  2. Secured infrastructure
  3. All-in-one platform

Grows with your business

  1. Enhanced product life cycle
  2. Quick & easy to modify
  3. Flexible

You are in control

  1. IT or non-IT person can make changes
  2. You decide how the solution evolves
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