Who we are

Our story

ControlC was born on an expectation: make digital transformation easier, faster.

The well-known shortcut Control + C not only means that best practices & systems are inspiring to us; we believe that, alike the famous shortcut, low/ no-code solutions are solid, long-lasting, persistent solutions which can adapt to any environment and deliver quick results

A common pitfall companies are facing is to give a direction to IT or to a software development company, but not finding the time or the resources to accompany the process properly.

Traditional development takes time and often, IT will have to make very determining decisions, for example, choosing between a Saas solution or custom dev’s.
Later in the process, management eventually finds itself cornered in, with no other option than acknowledging previous steps but realizing that results will be lesser than expectations.

ControlC delivers your digital transformation exclusively with low/no code tools.

Our tools are fit for purpose: fast, reliable and very cost-effective.

If you take us through your strategy, or confront us with the issues you face in any area of your business, we will, together, sketch a plan, design and implement solutions very quickly.

With ControlC, you make the decisions, experience the results of development at the flick of a switch and move on to the next priority.

Our values


Companies are made of humans and we believe that the entire comitment of all stakeholders to make the digital transformation a success is needed


We want to establish a strong, reliable and long-term relationship with our customers, providers and of course our employees


You can count on us, we are honest, reliable and the success of your business is our concern as well

The team

Eric Groenendaels

Eric Groenendaels

Eric is a Swiss knife. He has a vast experience in various business sectors and areas such as operations, commercial management, digital marketing. He will listen to your expectations and share best practices.

  1. Ski lover
  2. Any kind of fondue
  3. Develop businesses

Jérémy Jean

Jérémy Jean

From ERPs to BI to Low/no code, there's only one step. With more than 10 years of experience in the data management area, Jeremy knows how to structure, handle data and lead complex IT projects to success. 

  1. Road and mountain bike
  2. Pizzas & Pasta
  3. Techno optimistic

Antoine Lequeux

Antoine Lequeux

Having moved from HR to IT & Business, Antoine will enjoy listen, understand and translate your business needs into digital solutions. Antoine will also make sure users benefit from the best digital experience.

  1. Table tennis champion
  2. Pizza tartiflette
  3. Connecting with people

Yassine Tebib

A software engineer with a soul, Yassine likes interacting with you to manage your expectations and make your life easier. When the going gets tough, Yassine designs & delivers the best solution: "No-code everywhere, code when needed" !

  1. Piano teacher
  2. Spicy food
  3. Pay attention to details

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