Use cases

After sales extranet

Reinforce your customer journey !

  1. multiple contact channels, mailboxes, no tracking method,
  2. low performance, limited records
  1. Customers have a single point of contact
  2. Customers can directly order components for a registered product
  3. Accessible from everywhere, on all kind of device
  4. Connected to internal ERP (via API)
  5. Built on Outsystems

Stock and order process fulfilment

Share your stock & let your customers place orders

  1. Incoming RFP, orders via mails, phones, fax with limited access to live information
  2. No reliable live view on inventory situation
  1. Customer have access to the finished goods inventory
  2. Once shipped, the invoice is automatically sent by mail
  3. Accessible from everywhere, on every device
  4. Setup in a couple of days

Lunch reservation

Reduce costs by digitilazing an isolated process

  1. Paper based process
  2. Time consuming (each employee leaving the workplace to book lunch)
  1. Back office to handle available meals
  2. Orders automatically sent to providers
  3. Paper free process
  4. Setup in a couple of days
  5. Built on Appfarm

We operate

  1. In any size of company, from the small business to the international group
  2. Independently of your digital maturity
  3. Any stage of your development project
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